Roadworthy Certificate Greenvale

Roadworthy Certificate GreenvaleGet a Roadworthy Certificate from European Prestige Car Care

A quality roadworthy certificate(RWC) is a legal requirement which is essential for every vehicle when you want to sell it or if the used vehicle is to be registered or in case if you want to clear a vehicle defect. Also, to drive a car that is not roadworthy or doesn’t have a RWC is considered against the law.

We at European Prestige Car Care are the licensed testers and as our mechanical inspectors are highly skilled and efficient to issue a RWC. Our technicians will check each and every aspect of your vehicle and will provide you with an accurate roadworthy certificate or RWC in Greenvale.

We understand that human life is precious; hence choosing a roadworthy test will ensure improved quality cars on roads.

Our roadworthy checklist includes the most important safety items such as:

  • Checking of all seat and seat belts and glass and windows in the vehicle
  • Inspecting tyres, wheels, suspension, reflectors, light, lamp, steering and braking systems
  • The structure and integration of the vehicle, engine, chassis, body and other safety associated items.

If you need to check the state of your car, contact European Prestige Car Care for a roadworthiness test.

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