APR Tuning Melbourne

APR Tuning MelbourneHave you been thinking about increasing the performance and speed of your vehicle without making any physical modification to your engine? If so, an APR tuning program may be right for you.  However, tuning your car using APR technology requires an expert car mechanic who can perform modifications on the car’s engine (ECU). For APR tuning in Melbourne, you can rely on the experts of European Prestige Car Care. As an APR authorized service provider, we are able to make necessary modifications to your car’s ECU to increase its speed, torque and overall performance to your expectation.

Our APR Tuning Solutions:

Our in-house team of factory-training mechanics provides your vehicle with the ultimate enhancements using the following APR products:

  • Performance exhaust systems
  • Carbon fibre intake
  • ECU upgrades for engine
  • Braking system optimization
  • Intercoolers
  • Modular boost tap
  • Turbo system
  • APR brake options

At the European Prestige Car Care, we will help you design a tuning plan that helps you get the most out of your vehicle. Our experts will add only the essential tweaks and enhancements that give you the feel of an optimized driving experience. Our APR tuning is available for all models of Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Saab, Volvo, Peugeot and other brands.

We use APR’s extensively calibrated system that works flawlessly on the track whilst protecting your engine in the demanding scenarios. Depending upon your enhancement needs, we will outfit your car with additional sensors such as thermocouples, transducers and turbo shaft speed sensors that ensure more power, better braking and agile handling of your vehicle.

Call Us For More Details!

APR tuning is for car enthusiasts who want to take their vehicles to the next level. If you are interested in giving a hike to your vehicle’s overall performance, speed and power, but have questions about the procedures, call our dedicated team on 03 9357 7075. We will give you an honest evaluation of the APR tuning and let you make a well-informed decision.