Brake & Clutch Repair Service Epping

Drive Safe with the Efficient Brake Repair Service in Epping!

Effective brake repair and servicing can make the difference between complete control and absolute disaster when on the road. European Prestige Car Care provides professional brake repairs on all the major makes and models of cars, regardless of the condition of the car.

By using high-quality parts combined with our brake repair expertise, we can effectively diagnose and address any potential issue found in your brake system. Our comprehensive brake repair and service includes fluid leaks, brake hose inspection, brake pads, brake drum, brake fluid, mechanical, hydraulic and handbrake operation.

Transit Smoothly with Best Clutch Repair Service in Epping!

Are you facing difficulty to change gears? Unable to depress clutch pedal? We can help!

A grinding or slipping clutch problem can damage your vehicle’s transmissions. The skilled mechanics at European Prestige Car Care can precisely diagnose the issue and recommend reliable clutch repair solutions.

Our workshop is well-equipped with the modern tools necessary to repair or adjust clutch in your car or 4wds. We have access to a comprehensive range of bearings, cables and clutch plates to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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