Roadworthy Certificate Craigieburn

Roadworthy Certificate from Craigieburn’s Prestigious Provider

If you are looking for the roadworthy certificate (RWC) in Craigieburn and want to find someone who can do the job for you, then you have come to the right place.

We at European Prestige Car Care are licensed testers providing roadworthy certificate and inspections. Our efficient mechanical inspectors are highly capable and reliable of checking each and every detail of your vehicle and offer you a satisfactory roadworthy certificate.

Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle, disposing of the vehicle or maintaining your current vehicle, a roadworthy certificate is must have for a full mechanical inspection.

Our RWC inspection includes major safety-related items, including:

  • Light and reflectors
  • Windscreen and window incorporating front wipers and washers
  • Steering and braking system
  • Security-related aspects like motor or body suspension.
  • Structure of the vehicle
  • Chassis or engine

After inspecting these features in detail, we offer you a roadworthy certificate for your car in Craigieburn. Hence, if you require a comprehensive check on the overall condition and efficiency of your car, contact us today and ensure 100% satisfaction and the highest quality of service.